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Students will be placed with the tutor who can best meet his or her individual needs.  Many of our tutors have a specialty or a particular area of expertise.  

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Can I work with the same tutor again? 

Referrals and applications to The Reading Foundation are made by teachers, parents, medical professionals, and evaluators. An evaluation of the student's reading capabilities is conducted by the staff and a program is designed to fit each student's needs, capacity, and skill level. 

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How does The Reading Foundation work?

Because The Reading Foundation has such a diversified staff, we can tutor in just about any academic area.  We have certified teachers who are highly qualified to teach all areas of the curriculum.   

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What can I get help with?

The recommended session length per program is 55 minutes. We feel this amount of time allows for a well-rounded lesson.  The number of sessions per week depends on the needs of the individual student and will be determined following the consultation. 

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What is the recommended session length?

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Is insurance accepted?

We cannot accept insurance at this time.  

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