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Parent Comments

"The Reading Foundation has made a tremendous difference in my son's life. The staff and tutors are phenomenal and I highly recommend it!!!!

— Jayne Hiltz, NH 

"After years of pursuit and perseverance, and your endless support and confidence in my niece, she has grown to exceed our expectations, shatter her limits and holds her head up high reading!! Dr. Elaine Holden, you are one in a million! "

— Jill McAlpine ~ Aunt of current student at The Reading Foundation

We are endlessly grateful for your generous support and perseverance. A blessing to have found such expertise and knowledge in you, right here in southern NH!! No one is better than you Elaine Holden. I don’t know how you do it, but thanks to the skills you tirelessly taught my daughter, and the confidence you instilled in me to persevere, SHE CAN READ!!! She can really READ!

— Jessica T. O’Neill ~ Mother of a current student at The Reading Foundation

"Elaine Holden – cofounder and owner of The Reading Foundation – understands the importance of individualization.  Elaine Holden’s educational evaluations are neither one-size-fits-all nor standard batteries.  Elaine Holden delves into the unique nature and presentation of each student’s learning difficulties, administering evaluations specific to the individual and offering diagnostic impressions and recommendations unparalleled in the field.”


 Lisamarie S. Manning, parent of a student with a language-based learning disability

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